Our Approach

The Bayan Group has large coal reserves and resources and constitutes one of the most reputable coal suppliers in Indonesia.  Since the purchase of the first mining concession by its controlling shareholders in 1998, the Bayan Group has shown rapid growth to the point that it now has 5 Coal Contract of Works (CCOWs) and 16 Mining Business Permits (IUPs) with concession area totalling 126,293 hectares within East and South Kalimantans.

The Bayan Group’s coal products constitute environmentally-friendly coals managed in an integrated manner, from mine plans to coal delivery to its customers.  Bayan’s approach to the Health, Safety, Environment and Communities Development (HSE – CD) as follows.

Compliance with relevant HSE-CD laws and regulations - The main objective of HSE-CD is to reduce a company’s risk of litigation. This is achieved by making sure the company complies with relevant regulations and by helping reduce the number of accidents occurring in the workplace. 
We carried out and monitor assessments to check compliance and use benchmarks for improve the performance.  

Establish management tools - Bayan Group are committed to our vision of HSE-CD. We are focused on ensuring peoples within our operation are work safely.  We have established management tools and processes that are specific to the protection of the HSE-CD of our workers and our communities.

Collaboration with different parties – We are open for any collaboration with different parties such as government, affected communities, contractors and others interested parties. The complexity of the community requires a different approach in collaboration of the parties involved. Different parties, amongst which subsidiaries, have to work together on these complex undertakings. Collaboration between subsidiaries is a necessary approach.

Focus on the Benefits - We belief that embracing this corporate value offers many benefits. It improves the brand’s image, also can help reduce operating costs, and satisfies shareholders. Focusing on the benefits ensure that everyone at our company catch the importance of this goal.

Respect local culture - As a mining companies with its the business of extracting valuable natural resources, the local cultural context, is important for our approach to engagement. We take an effort to build relationships and initiate development programs. We intend to meet the expectations of local communities and respect local culture.