Health & Safety

Respect the unexpected, Think through your risks.

Bayan Group is committed to providing our employees with a safe and healthy work environment. Bayan has developed and implements a comprehensive Health and Safety Program that is designed to protect its employees, to comply with all pertinent governmental regulations, to satisfy the health and safety requirements and consistent with good business practices.

Bayan Group continuously implement Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) to minimize Occupational Accident Risk to zero. To meet this target, Bayan Group management has implemented OHS guidelines with the purpose to:

1.    Guarantee the safety and health of workers and visitors, including contractor employees within the Bayan Group area,
2.    Improve work quality by prioritizing Occupational Health and Safety,
3.    Minimize occupational accident risk level,
4.    Ensure proper and safe worker activities and work place, and
5.    Comply with relevant OHS laws and regulations in Indonesia. 

To achieve the objective of zero accident, Bayan Group working closely with the government, work partners (including contractor), visitors and employees in implementing OHS guidelines based on Mining Safety Management System or SMKP which purpose is to guarantee mine worker safe and healthy and the mine operational safe, efficient and productive. Beyond the SMKP, Bayan Group also adopted OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health which will be updated to ISO 45000 in the near future. 

Bayan Group has received appreciations from the government through “Zero Accident Award” by Ministry of Manpower and “Mineral and Coal Mining Occupational Health and Safety Management Award” and Aditama Award “Penilaian Kinerja K3 Pertambangan” or OHS Performance Assessment Awards By Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.  During the implementation of OHS program, Bayan Group has received a number of zero accident awards or certifications. 

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