Below is the chronology of dividend distribution by PT Bayan Resources Tbk.

YearGMS DateProfit for the year / period attributable to owners of the parent entityTotal dividendDividend per sharePayment dateRemarks




20107 June 2011IDR 740,794 million266.7 billion-8013 July 2011Dividend
201128 May 2012IDR 1,831,725 million666.7 billion-20012 July 2012Dividend
201730 May 2018USD 319,811,7912,113.5 billion150.000.007,50634.0529 June 2018Dividend
201819 June 2019USD 500,436,5534,235.1 billion300.000.015,001,270.5317 July 2019Dividend
201926 August 2020USD 223,394,384983.6 billion66.666.670,00295.0822 September 2020Dividend
202019 May 2021USD 328,738,8674,287.6 billion300.000.015,001.286,2815 June 2021Dividend
202118 May 2022USD 1,212,763,80814,544.0 billion1,000,000,050.004,363.2015 June 2022Dividend
2022*-USD 1,627,466,16515,608.0 billion1,000,000,050.00468.245 January 2023Interim Q3 Dividend
202227 April 2023USD 2,178,474,62111,805.6 billion800,000,040.00354.16823 May 2023Final Dividen

Note: * Dividend Interim (September 2022)