Community Development

"Serving the people , Making a difference"

Bayan Group is one of the leading producers of coal in Indonesia and we recognize the importance of serves and contribute to social-economy within our operation area.

Greater social pressure can result in better social performance and that’s why Bayan takes the initiative to ensure Community Development (CD) program as one of its missions in which the operation has to be smoothly running hand-in-hand with the community surrounding areas. 

Starting in early 2009 Bayan has officially announced the Four Basic Pillars by adopting an international standard of community and environmental practices, including recent initiatives to ensure that corporate CD strategy and performance are successfully managed and give higher returns for the community.  

Starting from 2017, in accordance with the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Decree No. 1824 K/30/MEM/2018, Bayan has been conducting the Community Development programs across 8 main areas: Education, Health, Economy Income, Sustainable Economy, Socio-Cultural, Environment, Community Institutions, and Infrastructure.

From 2022 onwards, Bayan's Community Development Programs have progressed in 62 villages in East Kalimantan and 12 villages in South Kalimantan, involving 10 mining operations and 3 coal terminals.

Increase of Community Capacity Building 
Due to remote area within Bayan’s mining operation and limited educational access and facilities, therefore Bayan in collaboration with Sampoerna Foundation and Surya University provide scholarships programs about 16 students for2014 and 2017. 

In addition, we also provide teacher’s Quality Development Program Training for 25 schools over 60 teachers within Tabang area and these numbers will increase gradually in the near future. 

These programs expect to increase of community capacity building in Bayan’s operation areas.

In addition to our effort to support education in the surrounding communities, Bayan has implemented a number of scholarship programs which includes a scholarship program at the Energy and Mining Polytechnic (PEP) in Bandung.

In previous year, the company has also initiated a program focusing on empowering individuals with disabilities in the mining area, particularly in Tabang Site. Vocational training and mentoring programs have been set up, covering areas such as hydroponic vegetable cultivation, massage therapy, batik, and sewing. Through collaboration with the Indonesian Association of Persons with Disabilities (PPDI) of Balikpapan, Bayan aims to provide opportunities for disadvantaged / vulnerable communities to develop their socio-economic status. The Group nurtures their skill development in order to achieve their financial independence through entrepreneurship or employment opportunities in the company. 

Bayan's commitment to community development extends beyond education. They also focus on training and skills development programs for varied community members, improving educational facilities and infrastructure, and implementing other capacity-building initiatives within the areas where they operate. 

Health Program

To improve community health by support on creating healthy environment, Bayan collaboration with the community to develop and implement community health programs focused on women and children such as ; supplementary feeding for children and pregnant woman in Senyiur, Kupang Baru, Muara Siran and Bukit Jering Village. The Company also built toilet at Mekar Sari village and Community Health Centers (puskesmas) at Mekar Sari and Kedang Kepala villages.

In collaboration with local puskesmas (community health centers) and posyandu (integrated health posts), Bayan conducts regular programs to provide additional food for toddlers and pregnant women, as well as free medical treatment for those in need. These initiatives are carried out in several assisted villages in Tabang District, Kembang Janggut District, Melak District, and other sub-districts.

Moving forward, Bayan will place greater emphasis on the prevention of stunting in the assisted villages. This aligns with the Circular Letter (SE) from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources No. SE No 5.E/MB.01/MEM.B/2023 dated 22 June 2023, which highlights the participation of mineral and coal mining companies as part of their Community Development Implementation Programs.

Economic Programs
Bayan’s continue to promote economic growth that will generate income for the local community towards economic programs on fisheries, animal husbandry, agriculture and alternative economy programs, as well as cooperation with other parties. 

The Animal Husbandry Program that has been and is being implemented consists of cattle farms in several locations, including Belusuh and Kota Bangun Village, laying hens farms in Kupang Baru and Empas Villages. Meanwhile, fisheries economic programs were carried out in Belusuh Village, Bukit Baru Village, and other assisted villages.

Agricultural economic programs were also held in Sepaso Timur and Lebak Cilong and other villages through vegetable cultivation and rice farming programs.

Bayan also supports the development and sustainable economic of UMKM groups in the assisted villages, through the crackers, chips and cakes production business, including fostering several local handicraft UMKM and developing other existing UMKM.

Culture and Religious 

The Company also provides assistance in the forms of qurban (sacriface animals) and church equipment support during the National Religious Holiday. The Company also built GKII church in Kelekat Village and renovated Asyafiin   prayer house (musholla) in Senyiur village. Bayan also support on religious holiday celebration such as Idul Fitri, Idul Adha and Christmas Days. 

Strong focus for Bayan CD initiatives in term of social environment is the  community’. Bayan as a miner has a huge impact on local communities; positive effects include the creation of new communities and wealth, income from operation activities, technology transfer, skilled employment and training for local populations and improvements in infrastructure such as roads, schools and health activities.


Participating actively in environmental initiatives within the surrounding community, Bayan group implemented programs such as provision of garbage truck units to West Kutai Regency, contributed by Bayan subsidiaries in the area. Additionally, Bayan supports the climate village program by supplying trash cans and organizing environmental cleanliness competitions in Kupang Baru and other villages. These efforts aim to promote community awareness of environmental hygiene.

Institutional Strengthening 

Aiming to enhance the implementation and success of their Community Development program, Bayan Group develops a number of targeted training programs for the community institutions. These empowering programs are designed for varied community groups and institutions, including Village-Owned Enterprises (Bumdes), Association of Farmers Groups (Gapoktan), and Tourism Awareness Groups (Pokdarwis). 

Infrastructure Development 

Kalimantan is one of the area with lack of infrastructure in Indonesia, to filling the gap, Bayan group support to develop community development programs for infrastructure improvement such as; build a health care facilities for people in Gunung Sari Village and surrounding areas, build community meeting hall in Sejahtera Mulia Village, electrical installation for houses and public facilities in Muara Bunyut and Empakuq Village, construct community hall in Bukit Baru village, brigdes in Umaq Dian and Dayak traditional house sculpture in Umaq Dian also Lamin Ja’ao at Tabang and others.

Bayan also contribute on Clean Water Facilities  in several villages such as  water reservoir with 1,200 liters capacity in Ritan Baru village, clean water tank in Long Beleh Modang Village, and Water Treatment Plant (WTP) in Kupang Baru, Muara Siran and Bukit Jering villages and others.

Our CD programs in infrastructure development aspect, extends to the provision of PJU solar cell units for street lighting, public facilities as well as mining operation area. This program aligns with the Company’s goal to take part in sustainable energy development, reducing our carbon footprint while aiming for an improved social interaction creating positive socio-economic benefits for the local communities. 

Until 2022, more than 2,200 units of solar cell lighting have been installed for public roads and public facilities.

Strong focus for Bayan CD initiatives in term of social environment is the community. Bayan as a miner has a huge impact on local communities; positive effects include the creation of new communities and wealth, income from operation activities, technology transfer, skilled employment and training for local populations and improvements in infrastructure such as roads, schools, and health activities.

To date, Bayan has spent a total of IDR 165 billion in community development programs.