Teguh Sinar Abadi / Firman Ketaun Perkasa Mine

Crushing Capacity
1,000 tonnes / h
400,000 tonnes
Coal transported
20-25 km
Crushing Capacity
Mahakam River

Teguh Sinar Abadi (TSA) / Firman Ketaun Perkasa (FKP) Mine consists of two adjacent Coal Contracts of Works (CCOWs) located in the Kutai Barat Regency, East Kalimantan. Operations commenced in 2007 and have continued since that time with the mine currently producing approximately 3 million tonnes per annum of bituminous quality coal. Overburden removal and coal transportation are contracted to PT. Thiess Contractors Indonesia. From the mining location, coal is transported 20 – 25 kilometers to a barge loading facility owned and operated by the Bayan Group on the Mahakam River.

The barge loading facility has crushing capacity of 1,000 tonnes per hour, overall stockpile capacity of 400,000 tonnes and barge loading capacity of 2,000 tonnes per hour. Barges of 7,500 metric tonne capacity (300 feet) are loaded at this facility.