Perkasa Inakakerta Mine

Crushing Capacity
1,000 tonnes / h
620,000 tonnes
Coal transported
15 – 20 km
Loading Capacity
4,000 tonnes / h

The Perkasa Inakakerta (PIK) Mine consists of a Coal Contract of Work (CCOW) located in the Kutai Timur Regency, East Kalimantan. Operations commenced in 2007 and have continued since that time with the mine currently producing approximately 1 - 2 million tonnes per annum of sub-bituminous quality coal. Overburden removal and coal transportation are contracted to PT. Karunia Armada Indonesia. From the mining location, coal is transported 15 – 20 kilometers to a dedicated ship loading facility owned and operated by the Bayan Group directly on the coast.

The ship loading facility has crushing capacity of 1,000 tonnes per hour, overall stockpile capacity of 620,000 tonnes and ship loading capacity of 4,000 tonnes per hour. Both Handy size and Panamax vessels can be directly loaded at this facility.